Arena Activities Spring and Summer

🌟 Exciting News for our Community! 🌟

Hi everyone! Did you know that June is the Community Challenge month? 💪 To encourage everyone to get active and have fun, the Town Council has decided to open up our arena for some awesome sports and activities this summer! 🏒🏀🏸⚽

We want to make sure all our residents know about the fantastic resources available right here in our town, and what better way to do that than by offering FREE access to the arena for our youth and families! 🎉 That’s right, no charge at all for any sporting activities! 🆓 Plus, we’ve set up sports equipment like hockey gear, basketballs, badminton sets, and more on the arena surface for you to enjoy! 🏒🏀🏸⚽

But wait, there’s more! As the summer progresses, we’ll be adding even more activities to the mix! 🌞 So keep an eye out for updates on what’s available at the arena. 🎉

If you’re a parent or a volunteer who’s passionate about sports and wants to help facilitate some awesome activities, we’d love to hear from you! 🙌 Simply email us at or give us a call at 709-458-2435 to book your time slot and discuss all the logistics and details. Let’s make this summer one to remember, together! 🌟

Details and Information

A key will be provided for volunteers to open and close up the facility for use.

With other events and programs at the arena days or weeks can be used for other events instead. 

Dates can be canceled for safety concerns. This will be communicated ahead of time. 

White ice paint is still left on the floor surface.    

The arena can be used for activities from June to the end of August. These months may change.