Newly Elected Town Council

General Municipal Elections were held in September 2021, which saw the election of three returning and four new councillors. Council has identified some major priorities including water, sewer, infrastructure projects, transparency in governance, quality of life, and open consultation and communication. Council feels that the Town of Rocky Harbour has only just begun capitalizing on opportunities that come with our favourable location, strategic partnerships, and engaged residents and businesses, and it looks forward to helping realize the potential of our great Municipality. The mayor, deputy mayor and councillors invite you to contact them with any ideas, questions or comments. Visit the Rocky Harbour Town Council section to get to know your Councillors.

Rocky Harbour Town Council

Jason Cullihall –

Deputy Mayor
Keith Granter –

Patricia Cullihall –
Wilfred Ellsworth –
Trina Reid –
Jen Shears –
Tony Smith –