Traffic Flow around Gros Morne Academy and Parsons Lane

In an effort to improve safety on Parsons Lane, specifically at school drop off and pick up times, the Town of Rocky Harbour is requesting that drivers approach Gros Morne Academy via Kin Place/Shears Village and exit onto Main Street.

Please watch the following video with sound on for details on the new traffic flow.

Two-way vehicular and pedestrian/bike traffic on Parsons Lane can be hazardous at these peak traffic times, and your assistance in maintaining this proposed traffic flow is appreciated. The Town will also be installing speed bumps and speed signage around the area. If cooperation is not achieved, the Town may have to implement more permanent traffic flow measures for Parsons Lane.

Thank you for making this sensitive area safer for students and our community, and thank you to Gros Morne Academy and the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District for their collaboration on this important matter.

Questions and Answers

Thank you for watching and sharing the video on the proposed traffic flow around Gros Morne Academy. The response has been very positive and the Town expects great cooperation from drivers. 

There have been a few questions about the decision, so the Town of Rocky Harbour wishes to provide some answers and rationale. They are contained in this document:

The Town of Rocky Harbour hopes you find this information useful, and it wishes Gros Morne Academy students a safe return to school!

The Town values all the feedback it have received so far. If you have comments or suggestions, please contact any member of council or the Town Office.