Water and Sewer Update

In an effort to ensure current and accurate information to residents and businesses, the Town Council would like to provide this update on our Water and Sewer systems:

Water Update

⁃ Last week’s water shutoff was to enable crews to connect the town’s water system to new pipe that was laid along Route 430 between the chlorination plant and West Link Rd.

⁃ The old pipes were dirty and were contributing to the discolouration of town water; the new pipes have resulted in clearer/less coloured water for many users

⁃ The Town is actively exploring a new potential water source. Test wells have been drilled, and preliminary water flow tests are favourable. This new potential water source is about a kilometre away from current water infrastructure, so eventual connection it to the town system would require a significant capital works project

Sewer Update

⁃ Over the past number of years, the town’s sewer system has had issues with localized backups and infiltration of groundwater/runoff into the sewer system

⁃ Council has been working with affected families, and has attempted to repair the issue, with work conducted this Winter and Spring in the pipes and pumps in and around the Main Street North lift station

⁃ Last week’s flooding event further damaged the sewer system, resulting in even more infiltration of groundwater, and large rocks entering the system – clogging lines and destroying the town’s pumps at the Main Street North lift station

⁃ Council has obtained assistance from the Premier’s office and the provincial Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, and their experts, along with the Town’s employees, are working tirelessly to send cameras through the sewer lines, clear up rock debris in the lines, and identify and repair the damage. Council would like to thank the Town’s employees for going above and beyond to keep external pumps running 24/7 over the past week, and for ensuring impacts were minimized

⁃ Another important component of the sewer system is the sewer outfall. Thanks to a successful application submitted by Council last year, the Town has been approved for a Municipal Capital Works project that will see it receive a major upgrade. This project’s cost will be largely be covered by the Provincial/Federal governments, with only 10% falling on the town.

We hope this helps explain the recent work you may have seen around town. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to any member of Council or the town office at (709) 458-2376

Rocky Harbour Town Council