Waste Disposal

The Town of Rocky Harbour collects Recyclables and Garbage right at your curbside!

1. Recyclables will be collected in transparent blue bags.

2. Garbage has to be put out in clear bags

Both garbage and recycling will be picked up weekly.

The Town of Rocky Harbour is providing a mandatory two-stream curbside collection service for its residents. Residents must place their recyclables in transparent blue bags and garbage in clear bags. Recyclables consist of mixed paper and mixed containers as found in the waste sorting guide to clean your containers before placing them in the bag to avoid contamination. Recyclables are collected every week. Recyclables bags or garbage collection cart at the roadside on the scheduled day of pickup.

All that is not recyclable goes in the garbage. Recyclables are not allowed in the garbage. The garbage has to be put out in a clear bag and for your own privacy, two small non-transparent bags may be placed inside each clear bag. These garbage bags should be placed in your garbage box/ can.

The collection is usually once a week on a specific day and any changes to the garbage collection will be posted on the town’s facebook page.

Wednesday – Recyclables
Thursday – Residential Garbage
Friday – Commercial Garbage

The Town of Rocky Harbour also encourages residents and businesses to minimize the amount of organic waster in their garbage by composting. Information on Backyard Composting can be found here: MMSB – Rethink Waste